Photography Tour led by Pulitzer prizewinning Photographer, Essdras M. Suarez
Space limited to 12 guests

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We are always seeking out new and exciting places for photographic exploration, and this invite you to Sri Lanka. Travel through one of the world’s most diverse island nations and the home of eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. On this unique tour led by award-winning photo-journalist, Essdras M Suarez and EMS Photo Adventures, you will experience a multitude of landscapes, interact with local Sri Lankans, wander the alleyway and streets of historic cities and visit several prominent UNESCO World Heritage sites, all the while with Essdras by your side sharing photography insights and expertise.


Sometimes called the Teardrop Island (and also formerly known as Ceylon), Sri Lanka is a place to observe saffron-robed monks against the backdrop of stark white temples; join Hindu priests chanting beneath rainbow-colored towers; explore well-preserved colonial European architecture. We will learn about this tiny nation’s importance in the region and its cultural and mythical ties to India as depicted in the epic Ramayana and ancient monuments. Sri Lanka is also a tropical paradise with endless beaches. In the hill country, enjoy a cup of authentic Ceylon tea and visit to the lush green estates, savor the taste of spiced curries, and smell the incense and temple flowers. We may also hear the call of an elephant, the song of tropical birds, and undoubtedly see and hear the next generation of young Sri Lankans as they scamper towards their sari-clad mothers after school.


Field based photography workshops conducted by Essdras M Suarez

Tiny nation, 8 World Heritage Sites.Experience the majestic ruins of a 5th century civilization atop Sigriya (Lion) Rock and the once-powerful kingdom in Polonuwara.

Explore Sri Lanka’s natural wonders of misty highlands, the windswept Horton Plains, the brilliant green of paddy fields and herds of elephants and wildlife.

Tingle your taste buds. Visit a tea and spice estate that has heralded a vast trade empire for centuries.

Visit the painted caves at Dambulla to see the best-preserved Buddhist murals in the world.

Wander the quaint streets of Galle– the 17th century Dutch settlement.


Essdras M Suarez, a Pulitzer prizewinning photographer based out of Alexandria, VA, was a photojournalist for 20 years with his work published in National Geographic, Time Magazine, New York Times, Washington Post to name a few.
He was a staff photographer at the Boston Globe for 12 years where he received national and international accolades for his coverage of stories such as the Columbine shooting, Boston Marathon Bombing, Newton Massacre, Tsunami aftermath, Iraq war coverage and others. He’s also received multiple awards for his portrait, food, product and travel photography
Suarez, who is also a U.S. Department of State expert speaker in Photojournalism specializing in Latin America, has worked in over 50 countries and currently teaches photo workshops locally, nationally and internationally. He’s also given talks and presentations at other institutions of higher learning such as MIT, Harvard, Northeastern University and University of Florida among others and a regular speaker for YPO/ WPO.
He was born in Panama and graduated from the University of Florida in 1993 with Bachelors in Science of Journalism and was awarded the Alumnus of Distinction in 2010.


  • 2014 Spot News Pulitzer (Boston Marathon Bombing), Boston Globe Editorial Staff

  • 2008, 2007, 2005 awards from the Society of American Travel Writers Foundation

  • 2008, 2000 Headliner Awards for International Photojournalism and Feature

  • 2008, 2007 1st Place features category from the Association of Newspaper & Editors

  • 2008 Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism award

  • 2002 – 2012 varied awards from the Boston Press Photographer’s Association

  • 2000 Spot News Pulitzer (Columbine Shooting), Denver Rocky Mountain News Staff

  • 2000 Robert F. Kennedy International Photojournalism Award

  • 1996 – 2001 Various awards from the Colorado Press Association


Pulitzer Portfolio

View a collection of Essdras’ award-winning photography at his official website.